Our Games

Catch The Dragon

A little puzzle game.
Try not to let the baby dragon go away!

Work In Progress
Infinite Story

An infinite platform based on a famous Mexican plumber with the Italian name.

Work In Progress
Card Blitz

A singleplayer card battle game.
Can you be smarter than the AI?

Work In Progress
Dungeon Explorers

Reach the deepest levels possible by eliminating enemies in this roguelike.

Work In Progress
Castle Defender

Protect your castle from the out of control fireball.

Work In Progress
Co-Op Lovers

2D top-down co-op adventure where you can use your phone as joypad!

Work In Progress

Modify your kart to the extreme and compete on impossible tracks!

Work In Progress
Space Chaos

Purify the universe of evil forces with your marines.

Work In Progress
Undeground Racing

Compete with other racers in illegal racing, run away from the police and earn money!

Work In Progress

About Us

We are a small group of video game enthusiasts who like to create new adventures.

We all have our jobs, as a software architect, developer, graphic designer, security expert and so on, so this is purely a hobby, but we always try to publish great products that are bug free and can entertain people.

As for our name, Alesanco is the founder of the team and started developing games way back in 1996 under the fake company AlesancoGames.

AlesancoGames started out as a leisure hobby in 1996 and has remained so ever since. The development of the games takes place very calmly and it's not certain that they will ever be published. Have faith.

And Who's This?

The robot shown here is Mongolius, protector of the Earth from alien attacks, from which we take inspiration to keep hope alive and do our best.

(Mongolius is a creation of Prophilax)

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